FirePlotter is being continually improved and updated. In the early phases of FirePlotter's development we focused exclusively on real-time monitoring. Now we are ready to move on to historical data.

Features and enhancements we plan to develop in future releases include (in no particular order):

Compress data stored in .fpr files.

Blurring replay of data (by skipping 1 min to 30 min intervals in playback) instead of usual replay of all .fpr files.

Optional Column headings/calculations and Graphs in: 4 options: bits/s, Bytes/s Kbits/s and kBytes/s.

Blob Performance improvements for very high session count firewalls.

Blob IPv6 support.

If you have an enhancement request that is not been identified in our FirePlotter Roadmap document , then please use our FirePlotter Feedback Form form. If you want to recommend a number of enhancements you would like to see - then please prioritise your list so we will know which is most important to you.

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"I was able to resolve bandwidth issues within minutes after installing Fire Plotter." 

"I found the real-time operation of your product more useful than log analysis."

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